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Voice Mail - Voicemail - Voice Mail Service and Virtual Voicemail Services

Work From Anywhere

with a Phone Number,

Answered by an Auto Attendant

that Transfers Calls to you Live,

Takes your Voicemail and Receives your Faxes.

Everything you need, without the rent.SM


Packages for as little as only


Flat Rate!


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Free Fax to Email




Free Unlimited Conference Calling


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Only $1.95mo


American Voice Mail is the small and medium business division of our company. And we're proud of it!


We've built a world class network that levels the playing field for small businesses. Now, even the smallest company can successfully compete with the world's largest corporations.

If you need a phone number for your business, don't call the phone company! We'll give you a phone number for free.


Sure our Voicemail Service can answer and take messages. But guess what?

Nobody Calls Your Business To Leave A Message!


work from home with a virtual officeCustomers call your business to talk with someone.


Voicemail Only Tells You What You Missed!


What can you do about it?


When customers call your business, they can be answered by a your Virtual Phone System and transferred to you live, no matter where you are.



“Now the agents in our office aren't losing any potential
new leads, because all our calls are getting through
to exactly the right agent every time.”

L. Lewis, Real Estate Office Operations Manager

Our Fax to Email service will receive and forward your faxes to your email, where they can be read, printed, forwarded, saved or deleted.

If you don't have a fax number, we'll give you one for Free!

There's a lot more that we can do for you and your business. Choose from our list of 41 call management features to create the right, customized system for your office.

“Don't settle for plain, vanilla voice mail. Getting all
we have from American Voice Mail, with no equipment to buy,
is a ‘No Brainer'. I wish every decision were as easy to make.
Any other solution is like throwing money down the drain.”

Bill Adams, Adams Business Services



Our Packages will help you make more sales,

get more customers and keep your customers longer.

That means you'll make more money...

All for less than you may be paying for ‘plain-old' voice mail.



See our

Voicemail & Fax

for as little as $8.95mo

Flat Rate!



See our

Virtual Office & Fax

for as little as $14.95mo

Flat Rate!

No Per-Minute Charges!


How much to receive a call? Zero.

How much to transfer the call to you? Zero.

Is this a "no-brainer" or what?


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PS: Most of our competitors say they like small businesses, but the truth is, they don't even want to talk to you. They want you to sign up online, and search a forum or send an email when you need help. At American Voice Mail, serving you is not just our job, it's our pleasure. Our Call Management Advisors will help you select the best services and features that are right for you. And our fully US Based Customer Service staff is standing by to talk with you when you call, answer questions and make changes for you, usually while you are still on the phone.


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Free Fax to Email includes 100, 200 or 300 fax pages per month based on Package. Excess Fax pages are $.10 per page.

Maximum conference size is 150 participants for 3 hours in duration per conference call. Pay 10 and Get 2 Months Free is a Non-Cancellable, Non Refundable, 12 Month Term Agreement that will renew annually until cancelled by either party at the end of the term. Usage charges are not included in the annual rate pre-payment special. Free Call Forwarding & Follow-Me includes all calls to US "48" and most Canadian landlines and most cell phones.  Excess Call Forwarding minutes are 3.9 US cents per minute to the US "48", most of Canada and many other countries. Other international rates vary by country. Add $4.95 for message delivery by phone to US "48" and most of Canada. Rates vary by country. Read My VoicemailSM includes 400 transcribed messages each month. Services subject to our Terms and Fair Use Policy.