American Voice Mail Resale and Affiliate Programs

Resale & Affiliate Programs

Make Money Selling or Referring
American Voice Mail’s Hosted Telecom Solutions

American Voice Mail offers profitable opportunities to our Resale and Affiliate Partners. You can bundle our hosted solutions with your telecom equipment systems, or with your consolidated billing, virtual office, VoIP, and other enterprise services.

As an American Voice Mail Partner, you can sell any or all of our services:

  • Virtual Office Phone & Fax Numbers
  • Local Number and Toll Free Number Voice Mail Service
  • Fax to Email and Send-A-FaxSM our Desktop Faxing
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • A Massive Footprint of Local, Toll Free and National Phone Numbers in Thousands of Cities in 64 Countries, Most with Fax Capability
  • Cloud Based Voicemail Systems
  • Cloud Based Auto Attendants with Extensions
  • Question & Answer Voicemail and Surveys
  • Always-On TelecomSM
  • Employee Emergency Hotlines


We offer a complete professional support package:

  • Branding
  • GUI interface
  • Self-service, real-time provisioning
  • Online real-time reports
  • Online billing


Resellers buy from American Voice Mail at a discount, and then resell to their customers at their own prices. Resellers are responsible for their own billing and customer service.

Dealers and Affiliates receive a commission for each American Voice Mail product they sell. American Voice Mail handles sales, billing and customer service.

American Voice Mail also provides online, real-time, verifiable commission tracking.

For OEMs and Affinity Groups:
If you have a customer base or group affiliation, you can market all of our solutions, to generate a profitable new revenue stream and increase the perceived value of your offering.

American Voice Mail’s hosted telecom solutions will increase your revenues and profit margin.

To discuss our various opportunities, please send an email to