Covina Virtual Office

A Virtual Office starts with a local or toll free telephone number.
Now you’re in business…barely.

Customer and prospects can call your Covina Virtual Office number and leave a message. But, customers don’t call a business to leave a message. They call to speak with someone, now.

By adding “Find Me – Follow Me” your Covina Virtual Office will call you, at any number, and connect your callers to you, live. And with optional free Call Screening, you’ll decide which calls to take, and which to send to voice mail.

New: Callers can listen to Your Company’s “On-Hold” Message, while they wait to be transferred.

You can sound even bigger, when your Virtual Covina Office answers with an Auto Attendant. Callers might hear “Thank you for calling [your company]. If you know the extension number of the person you’re calling, you may enter it at any time. For Sales press 1, Technical Support press 2, Billing press 3, etc. or Press 9 for the Dial by Name Directory”, even though all calls and departments are transferred to you!

When you don’t take calls live, callers can leave a voicemail message. Each person and department can have their own private voice mailbox. Your Virtual Office in Covina can then call you and deliver the message to you and send the message to your email, so you can hear it over your computer, or any Internet devise. You can also be notified by pager.

That’s great, but you’re still not done. Every business needs to be able to receive Faxes. Your Virtual Office Covina phone number can be set to automatically receive faxes, or you can add a separate number for faxes only. Faxes are delivered to your email, where they can be viewed, printed, forwarded, saved or discarded.

With this Covina Virtual Office, you’re in business for real:

  • A Local or Toll Free telephone number
  • Auto Attendant
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Find Me, Follow Me
  • Call Screening
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Voice Mail
  • Message Delivery or Notification
  • Fax Receiving and Delivery

Complete Local Number Virtual Office

Complete Toll Free Number Virtual Office

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Covina is a city in Los Angeles County, California about twenty-two miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The population was forty-six thousand, eight hundred thirty –seven according to the two thousand census. It has been a sister city of Jalapa, Mexico, since nineteen sixty-four. A replica of a giant stone Olmec head, located in front of the city police station, was given to the city in nineteen eighty-nine by the Mexican state of Veracruz. There were fifteen thousand, nine hundred seventy-one households out of which thirty-eight percent had children under the age of eighteen living with them, fifty-one percent were married couples living together, sixteen percent had a female householder with no husband present, and twenty-six percent were non-families. Twenty percent of all households were made up of individuals and eight percent had someone living alone who was sixty-five years of age or older. The average household size was three and the average family size was four. The city was founded in eighteen eighty-two by Joseph Swift Phillips, and tradition has it that it was named by either he, his wife Mrs. Cornelia Phillips, or his surveyor Frederick Eaton, in eighteen eighty-five when the survey was finished. One of them supposedly noticed the many vineyards nestled in the San Gabriel Valley and devised the name “Covina” from “cove of vineyards”. Covina is the fictional setting for the Harold Teen comic strip and nineteen thirty-four movie that depicted several teenagers from Covina High School. A downtown Covina malt shop with a bowling alley was named the Sugar Bowl imitating the after-school gathering place in the comic strip.