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Virginia Beach Voicemail - Voice Mail Services


Your complete voice mail service
for only $9.95/mo Flat Rate !

Our Virginia Beach voice mail services can answer Your  phones, or we'll give you a new Local  or Toll Free  number.

You can listen to your Virginia Beach voicemail messages over the phone. We'll also deliver them to your email, so you can listen to them over your computer or any Internet devise.

That also means that you can store your voicemail messages forever, forward them to any email address and discard them.

Don't be fooled by competitors. Most require you to use a Toll Free number with their voice mail services. Why? Because it's all they have, and it's how they make their money - Usage! You pay for every minute of every call you receive, and for every minute of every call you make to pick up voice mail messages. At American Voice Mail, a toll free number is your choice.

We have 83 Central Offices throughout the US, providing Local voicemail and phone service to over 4,000 communities.

Look out for competitors who quote a low rate, and then charge you 13 times a year (4 week billing). What's THAT  all about? You sure wouldn't pay your rent that way.

And look out for others who charge a $25.00 set up charge! Wow! Our set up charge is only $5.00, and we have special corporate rates and quantity discounts.

   When we say Flat Rate, we mean Flat Rate.*

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Customize your Virginia Beach voice mail by adding:

Call Transfer: Talk to your callers live. With optional free call screening, you'll decide whether to take the call or send it to voice mail. $4.95/mo.*

Automatic Call Distribution: Callers and voicemail messages are distributed equally to employees on a "round robin" basis, whether employees are in the same office or scattered around the world. Add $4.95/mailbox in the ADC group.

Question & Answer: Your  Virginia Beach voice mailbox can ask questions, record responses and even ask different questions depending on the answers given by your callers. Add $9.95/mo.

Automated Order Taking: By customizing your Question & Answer Voice Mailbox, you can provide your customers with the ability to place orders 24 hours a day. Add $9.95/mo.

Reminder Calls: Your voice mailbox can call you anywhere, anytime and deliver a voicemail message you earlier recorded for yourself.  Even wake up calls.*

Phone Book Listings: Virginia Beach voice mail phone numbers you get from us can be listed with the phone company, in your name or company name. You'll be listed in Directory Assistance now, and your number will be printed in the next phone book. Rates vary by phone company.

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Are your looking for our Virtual Office?


*Local transfers are free in flat rate areas. In measured areas, local calls are 2.9cpm. Local long distance is 4.9cpm and long distance is 6.9cpm. All services may not be available in all areas.





Facts on Virginia Beach, Virginia

The first documented European explorer to set foot on Virginia Beach was Captain John Smith, who arrived on April twenty-sixth, sixteen o seven. However, unlike other Virginia towns that are steeped in history, Virginia Beach is geared more toward the present. It has evolved into the quintessential beach town, lined with high-rise hotels, tourist shops, seafood restaurants and a bustling boardwalk.

Virginia Beach is beautiful in the daytime, but there's nothing like those sultry summer nights when the fun really begins. Every night during the Summer take a stroll down Beach Street USA and enjoy dozens of great street performers. They sing, play music, dance, juggle and even perform closeup magic turning Atlantic Avenue into one big party that the whole family can enjoy.

With a huge fleet parked nearby at Hampton Roads Harbor, Virginia Beach has a strong Navy influence. It's also a popular tourist destination, being the only major resort on the Virginia coast, as well as the largest city in the state. The diversity of people it attracts is staggering: from fun-oriented students on spring break to the flock attending Pat Robertson's Regent College.

The city is centered around the beach and the long strip of coastline stays teeming with beachgoers, from sunbathers to swimmers and boaters. The bustling boardwalk is speckled with the customary array of bars, restaurants, and tacky tourist shops. Each summer, the Billabong Competition attracts surfers from across the country. To escape the beach throng, visitors can take in several area state parks, including the scenic Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

 Although most people flock to Virginia Beach during the summer months, January and early February are a good time to go as well, especially if you're into whale watching. The Virginia Marine Science Museum sponsors tours enabling visitors to witness the humpback whales that gather just off shore each winter.

In both character and geography VIRGINIA BEACH is about halfway between Maryland's huge, frenzied Ocean City and North Carolina's untamed open Outer Bank. Virginia's only real summer resort has grown to become the largest city in the state, but takes care to pitch itself as a family destination; among steps to deter the Spring Break crowd, Virginia Beach, home to evangelist/politician Pat Robertson's Regent College, has enacted anti-cruising laws that make it illegal to drive past the same spot twice within three hours. That said, the oceanfront vicinity can be a monument to tackiness, and there are several testosterone-filled surfer bars. Fortunately a multimillion dollar program to widen the beach keeps it from getting too sardine-like and the overall lazy atmosphere actually leads some to stay longer than planned.