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voicemail to text - read voicemail

Now you can Read Your Voice Mail!

Voice Mail Messages are Now Being Converted to Text Messages

With new technology advances American Voice Mail

can now convert your regular voice mail messages to text messages

and delivers them to any text message enabled devise.

Now you can read your voice mail messages instead of listening to them.


  • Convenient viewing and response: Read your voicemail without having to play the messages. That way, messages cannot be overheard or interfere with others at a meeting, seminar or in any quiet place. By sending a text reply, the user will not be overheard or interrupt others.

  • There are no problems hearing messages when in busy or noisy places.

  • Faster than dialing into voice mail, logging in and listening to messages.

  • No pen or paper is needed to write down messages.

  • It is faster to read messages than to listen to people talk.

  • It is faster and easier to find certain message by scroll through text messages than to listen to each one.

  • Automatically converts voice messages into text and delivers them to anywhere the customer chooses – phone screen, email inbox, blog, social network walls or spaces.

  • Multilingual capability converts messages in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

  • Voicemail to Text  that combines secure, state-of-the-art speech technologies with human intelligence and learning to quickly, easily and accurately convert voice messages of up to three minutes in length to text.

  • Original voice message can be sent to your email and played over your computer or any Internet devise.

  • Original voice message is still in your voice mailbox for you to pick up by phone.

  • Seamlessly integrates with American Voice Mail's services and can be added to customer plans in available markets.

Call us and start reading your voice mail messages.




“Don't settle for plain, vanilla voice mail. Getting all
we have from American Voice Mail, with no equipment to buy,
is a ‘No Brainer'. I wish every decision were as easy to make.
Any other solution is like throwing money down the drain.”

Bill Adams, Adams Business Services








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