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Fax to Email – Desktop Internet Faxing

Receive Faxes by email

Only $7.95 monthly
or $79.50 annually!
(Get 2 months Free)

Or, Get Fax to Email FREE with any of our voice service.

Yes! I Want To Send & Receive Faxes From My Email

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Receive faxes at your new private fax number, that we’ll give to you for free. You can choose a local fax number, or a toll free number¹.
Or, keep your current fax number and we’ll turn it into a Fax to Email number.
Faxes are delivered to your email.

  • Save them
  • Print them
  • Forward them
  • Keep them Confidential
  • Receive multiple faxes simultaneously
  • Faxes can be sent to more than one email address
  • No Fax phone number to pay for, or fax machines to buy
  • No more hunting through file cabinets looking for an old fax
  • No more hard-to-read documents
  • No more loose papers laying around the office fax machine
  • No more calling to the office, hoping someone is there who can tell you if you’ve received the fax you’re looking for, and then re-fax it to you

And, we deliver your faxes to you in a standard PDF format.
That means you don’t have to download any software to make it work.

Compare American Voice Mail with the competition:

Fax Receiving:

Monthly RateNumber of Pages
Included in Rate
Each Additional
Sign Up
eFaxPlusR$16.9513015 cents$10.00
American Voice MailR$ 7.9530010 cents$5.00

Add Send-A-Fax, our Desktop Fax Sending service for only $3.95mo. Includes 100 faxing minutes to most US fax numbers. Excess minutes are only 2.9 cents per minute. Excludes calls to Alaska and Hawaii. Please call our office to add Send-A-Fax.

Another Money Saving Tip:
Transfer your existing fax number to us and
you’ll eliminate that entire phone bill!

Enough said.
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EfaxPlusR rates taken from on 11/8/06. eFax is a registered trademark of j2 Global Communications.

Usage rates apply to toll free numbers.