About Us

American Voice Mail®

American Voice Mail is the SoHo and small business division of our company. And we’re proud of it! We’ve built a world class network, infrastructure and processes that level the playing field for milions of small businesses worldwide.

Thanks to our leadership, going all the way back to 1977, our technological innovations and Hosted Telecommunication services, such as our Cloud Voice Mail Service, Internet Faxing, Virtual Office Phone & Fax Numbers, Low Cost Toll Free Numbers, Cloud Voicemail Systems and Cloud Phone Systems, even the smallest company can successfully compete with the world’s largest enterprises.

We’ve built a Global Network that extends into almost every city in 70 Countries Worldwide with local and toll free phone and fax numbers.

“Hosting” means that we make all the investment in the equipment and its maintenance. We hire all the technicians and the support personnel.  And we continually upgrade our systems with new technology. No equipment is placed in your office. There is no equipment for you to buy, fix or outgrow. All of the equipment is located in our Central Offices.

But we didn’t stop when we built our Total Call ManagementSM systems.  We went on to build the best US Based Client Support system in this or any other industry. We did it by developing a team of Call Management AdvisorsSM. Every Client is assigned a Call Management AdvisorsSM (CMA)…an individual who knows your company’s needs, knows your systems and knows how to help you maximize it for greater profit. Your CMA will become your “point person” for all your Call Management support issues – everything from consultation on how to set up our system, to making changes to your service, to managing you through technical support matters.

You won’t have to start over, explaining your company’s needs to a new person every time you call us. Try getting that kind of personal support from the phone company or competitors that wants you to send them an email when you need help.

At American Voice Mail, we have an entire staff of US based in-house technicians, who build and support our systems.

We are one of the very few companies that has a complete, hot, remote backup system.

And that’s why we can make the promise, that if our system is down, for even a day, that entire month’s service is ABSOLUTELY FREE!*

We’ve served over 1 Million Clients,from 1-person offices to Federal, State and Local government agencies, to some of the world’s largest corporations, as well as their regional and satellite locations. Even some telephone companies out-source their subscriber’s messaging needs to us.

It’s important to look for stability in an industry that has gone through such significant changes. Our global “foot-print” makes us one of the largest privately held companies in our industry. Being debt free allows us to aggressively reinvest in technology, which allows our Clients to maintain leadership positions in their industries.

*See our Terms for details.