Virtual Phone Numbers

A Virtual Phone Number is a Real Telephone Number
That You Can Answer,
But Is Not Directly Attached
To Your Telephone

A Virtual Phone Number is a Local phone number that rings to your cell phone or landline, without replacing your existing phone numbers. In other words, you now have two phone numbers for your cell and landline.

  • Add a second line to your cell phone for business calls.
  • Separate your business calls from your personal calls, so every customer, vendor and prospect won’t have your cell phone number.
  • Expand your business geographically. Get a Virtual Phone Number in a different city, sate or even country. Advertise a local number to a new universe of prospective customers.
  • A Virtual Phone Number will give you the appearance of being a local business,  and customers like to do business with local businesses.
  • Give employees a company controlled phone number to give to their customers, instead of using their cell number. That way, you won’t lose contact with your customer when an employee is on vacation or leaves the company.


Calls can be connected to you at any landline or cell phone anywhere in the world. Your callers won’t have any idea that their call has been re-routed.

American Voice Mail has Virtual Phone Numbers in thousands of cities in 70 countries worldwide.

Virtual Phone Number

Flat Rate!

No Per-Minute Charges

No computer or other special equipment needed.

Internet Special:

Pay 10 Months and Get
2 Months Basic Rate FREE!

(Annual agreement)

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PS: Want to know how our landlines and toll free numbers can receive texts? Yours can too. Find out here.

Texting: Add Texting to and from your Virtual Phone Number. Only $4.95mo.

Phone Book Listings: Phone numbers you get from us can be listed online and with the phone company, in your name or company name. You’ll be found online and listed in Directory Assistance now, and your number will be printed in the next phone book. Only $5mo.

Flat Rate includes all calls to US “48” and most Canadian landlines and most cell phones. Other international rates vary by country.  Rates vary by country.  Plus applicable taxes. Usage charges, if any, are not included in the annual rate prepayment special. Services are subject to our Terms and Fair Use Policy.